Friday, July 29, 2011

Brain Food 7/29/11

Missed yesterday because I was home taking care of a sick wife.

1. Amazing story. First American to make Grand Cru Burgundy. And he did it BEFORE HE TURNED 30.

2. Good article at Terroirist concerning the oversimplification of marketing to Milennials. Mr. White is correct - all those things he points out are indeed flat-out incorrect assumptions. The dumbing-down of wine theory for this new generation is pretty insulting, frankly. And gross.

3. I have a friend with cancer, and this seems about accurate. Treatment is more complicated than you think.

4. A fun list of words that you should know, from the New York Times. I’m about half and half. Let me know if you want to make some flash cards and have a study session.

5. Great article on parenting - not only on what you need to be a parent, but on how to enjoy it. That is to say, DON’T GET OVERLY ROMANTIC. It’s WORK. My experience of being a parent has been overwhelmingly positive, but it’s certainly been a challenging adjustment, turning what seem at first like burdens into pleasures. It requires a major shift in perspective, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Good advice.

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