Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brain Food 8/4/11

This is really a couple of days worth of stuff, because I didn’t get around to posting yesterday or the day before.

1. Philosopher argues that evolutionary metaphysics isn’t akin to the faith claims of religion, specifically advancing the thesis that “every question that used to be answered by appealing to God can be answered better by appealing to some form of evolution.”

2. You could be wrong. Really. Consider it carefully, because it’s better to know sooner than later. The best part of this is her “Series of Unfortunate Assumptions” people make about why people disagree with us: the ignorance assumption, the idiocy assumption, and the evil assumption. Nicely done.

3. El Bulli has closed, which is sad. This is a great post outlining one diner’s experience at the legendary restaurant.

4. Bertrand Russell: not right about everything, but a wise man nonetheless.

5. This is pretty fascinating. An article about the difficulties cryonics faces in attempting to market itself to the world.

6. An interesting article about the frustrating and endless task of trying to find out what is REALLY wrong with or about religion (as a whole or in general). The conclusion he come to and only briefly comments on is that faith is the only truly unsalvagable part of religion.

7. Some video highlights of Jancis Robinson’s keynote at the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference

8. I wish I had been at this concert.

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